Smart Peel Diamond Skin Exfoliation System

The new Smart Peel Diamond Microdermabrasion system has been designed and developed at our site in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire. The Smart Peel name is well respected worldwide and the successful technology with proven reliability are synonymous with the made in England badge. The proven technology of the Smart Peel crystal systems have been incorporated into the latest Diamond skin exfoliation units.

System Features

A robust vacuum pump ensures the dead cutaneous material is completely removed from the skin by electronic control. Four internal filters eliminates cross contamination, a micro filter protects the environment and a cotton filter in the hand piece ensures the procedures are safe. The vacuum connector on the system is a push fit type the same as the stainless steel hand piece, the indestructible polypropylene vacuum pipe pushes in for quick release. Nine stainless steel diamond coated tips ranging from 75 grit to 200 grit for different skin types and depth of resurfacing, ensures an even exfoliation for all parts of the body. When used by a trained therapist diamond peeling can be safer around the delicate eye area and the mouth, with no side effects and no consumables to replace on a regular basis the Smart Peel Diamond Skin Exfoliation System is the ultimate resurfacing device that can recoup the outlay within the first year. We recommend the tips are sterilised in a Endozime Plus solution for the recommended 2 minutes to kill all bacteria.

Diamond Skin Exfoliation
Smart Peel is the ultimate choice in Microdermabrasion systems.
'No Promises Just Results'