About BHC International RDT

BHC International RDT is the parent company responsible for the global success and overseas marketing of BH Circuits – a results driven enterprise delivering safe and practical dermatological skincare technologies that are aimed at providing patients with firmer and younger looking skin by eliminating complexional flaws and textural inconsistencies with the absolute minimum of pain and discomfort.

As a leading beauty equipment designer and manufacturer, we have launched an exciting range of highly effective, breakthrough products which includes award winning products such as our Smart Peel Microdermabrasion units and more recently the Smart Peel Diamond Skin Exfoliation system which was launched in November 2013. Over the years, we have achieved a large volume of sales with over 7,000 units sold, whilst simultaneously gaining global recognition and full FDA approval of our ground breaking beauty equipment and skincare technologies which have been researched and developed exclusively at home in the UK.

In order to ensure our reputation for excellence, we always provide comprehensive on-site training and full support for all UK users of our products and this service is always offered completely free of charge so that we can ensure the best possible care and unrivalled quality of results for each and every patient receiving treatment using our patented skin care systems. Since 1984, our company has gone from strength to strength and our track record of consistent technical brilliance remains completely unsurpassed.

BHC International RDT provide full on-site training .. Free of Charge for our UK customers.

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